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The work accident book plays an extremely important role in the immediate aftermath of an accident in the workplace and for several reasons can be equally important at a later date.

So what exactly is a work accident book and when and how should it be used?

The Legal Oracle has specialist work accident claim solicitors ready and waiting to help you across the UK, so please call free now on 08 for your free and instant claim assessment, or complete our enquiry form online.

If you are not completely sure that a work accident claim is the right course of action, you should still get in touch – we can explain for free without obligation, what your legal situation is.

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Whilst the time limit for making a work accident claim is three years, the longer the period between your accident and injury and the decision to take legal action, the less chance your claim has for success.

Although this is likely to be raised as an issue by your employer’s insurance company whom you are making the claim against, this issue is in no way insurmountable.

Simply request that it is done so as soon as you are able to contact your employer and seek the advice of an experienced work accident solicitor who will guide you through the process.

Information in the work accident book is legally required to be stored safely for three years.

However, it is worthwhile reporting all forms of accidents.

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