Dating a colleague tips

Otherwise, when the truth comes out about a secret relationship, colleagues might feel betrayed.

“They may have said things about your significant other to you that they would have never said if they had known you were together,” Baker explains.

Even if you’re on the same level, dating someone on your team can still hurt your career.

While co-workers can be surprisingly supportive of office relationships, that won’t happen if they suspect you (or your significant other) of playing favorites.

“There might be the appearance of favoritism based on personal relationships,” Keels says.

“This can lead to hurt feelings and resentment.”Still, take into consideration the nature of the relationship — because if it’s not serious, it may not be worth the trouble of disclosing it.

If you both understand that it’s casual, happen to have the right circumstances (like being in different departments, which could mean fewer mutual colleagues), and are careful to act professionally at work, there may not be any need to do so.

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