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However alarmingly the shareholders of PEXA are the State Governments (Qld, Vic, SA, NSW) and they are set to receive up to 1 billion dollars later this year as PEXA is planning to go public with on the ASX. Thanks once again, Dani, Chris, Harlow and Oscar ps – for more info link in profile ????

A post shared by Dani Venn (@thewholeheartedcook) on The couple need to find the 0,000 to settle their property by the end of the week or they’ll lose their deposit and the home.

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Read more: https://t.co/ms2Mg2m RWk pic.twitter.com/9mhm3h Awe S — Zoos Victoria (@Zoos Victoria) February 7, 2018After being struck by a car in Victoria’s southwest seven months ago, things were not looking good for a koala named Ernie.The North Melbourne premiership midfielder admitted assaulting the woman at his Highett home, at a suburban beach and at a Yarra Valley resort in 2017.During the incident at Balgownie Estate, Grant also knocked the woman to the ground and fell on her, causing her to hit her head and elbow on the hard floor.“She was crying, explaining that her elbow was in a lot of pain,” police prosecutor Dale Andrews told Moorabbin Magistrates Court.But you would not have known the four-year-old had suffered a grisly cut to his back, nor fractured a piece of his femur, by the way he took to a tree near the state’s Brisbane Ranges National Park last week.Zoos Victoria say Ernie was released in a private property near the park, marking his return to the wild just in time for breeding season.

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