Dangerous teen dating relationships

American culture has changed significantly in the past sixty years.The 1950’s marked the start of what we might call “teen culture.” Prior to the 1950’s, people were classified into the dichotomy of children and adults.My teen years seemed like one long, exhausting soap opera.I slept with tissues beside my bed because I cried myself to sleep so many nights worrying about my latest relationship gone bad.I would have explored several hobbies and probably gained a lot of skills that I wish I had today.

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My personal obsession with dating began around the age of twelve.

So, before the 1950’s, there was about a 2-3 year window between when a person started dating/courting and when they usually became married.

Now there is a 10-15 year window between when a person usually starts dating and when they typically marry.

Not to say that this method was perfect by any means; however, dating (or what was previously called “courting”) did not begin until the young man and woman were old enough to start realistically considering marriage. In our culture now, it is considered “normal” for two thirteen year olds to go to the movies and have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend.

Yet, the average marrying age according to the 2000 census is somewhere around age 25 for women and age 27 for men.

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