Covenant mutual liquidating trust

For example, a payment made to a creditor of a person in satisfaction of that person's debt to the creditor is considered made to the person. partnership should withhold when any distributions that include amounts subject to withholding are made.

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A registered deemed-compliant FFI (other than a reporting Model 1 FFI) is required to withhold under chapter 4 to the extent required under the conditions applicable to its registered deemed-compliant FFI status.

For purposes of chapter 4, a withholding agent includes a participating foreign financial institution (FFI) (including a reporting Model 2 FFI) or registered deemed-compliant FFI to the extent such FFI makes a withholdable payment.

Under chapter 4 of the Code, a withholding agent that makes a withholdable payment to a payee that is an FFI must withhold 30% on the payment unless the withholding agent is able to treat the FFI as a .

A withholding agent also must withhold 30% on a withholdable payment made to a payee that is a foreign entity other than an FFI (that is, a nonfinancial foreign entity, or NFFE) that fails to identify its substantial U. owners (or certify that it does not have any substantial U. owners) unless the payment is excepted from withholding under the regulations to section 1472.

A participating FFI is a withholding agent under chapter 4 and is required to withhold on a withholdable payment to the extent required under the FFI agreement, including on a payment made to an account holder that the FFI is required to treat as a recalcitrant account holder.

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