Complety dating in kiev

It would be wrong for me to eat meat, because humans are just an advanced form of animal, and we have the ability to NOT eat meat.

Humans and animals are all equal in the eyes of Spirit.

It would be hypocritical for me to be Wiccan in the future and still eat meat.

We look at prison and we think we are free because we are outside of it. I was going to tell you, this girl in my Spanish class last year had that problem, and literally had to go on birth control to sort it out... I mean, wolves aren't really designed to go up to the nearest salad bar or whatever. How many mistakes has this world made through history by accepting 'assumptions' at face value? I used to look down on people here and think I was so cool, now I'm back to ask for your sympathy, but I'm not as shameless as before to admit these things openly although I'm writing this now. Just anybody, please talk, please write - i need to communicate with people. People who have been in love will know what I mean. are you expecting me to say "ok I can't stand it anymore, this was just a joke but now it's making me puke"? Are you afraid that the love you feel for someone/something is not mutual? Hmm, I guess that neither comminism, nor capitalism deserve much attention, at least in their primary forms. i'm in no position to make an objective judgement on that one. 1) have you ever made any name based on yours (for instance, i just figured out that the fact that when you get an e-mail from robby it says it's from "ybbor" is not a coincidence)? : D it's funny, because robby's the only person i ever told my real life name to. at least, i'm assuming it was him, since one day i came here and everyone was calling me emma and it FREAKED ME OUT.

Sorry Scheherezade-ignore the last comment about PMS. I would watch Faith the vampire slayer, but I don't think that's an option, according to the actress who plays her. I know there's a 'Giles' spinoff, but it only airs in britain, dammit.

Sorry for being annoying, although I was just asking what the newest story was! Willow is a strong character and I think she could support her own show, as could Spike, but I hear some of the cast members might join the angel cast, which would be cool, as angel really sucks right now and could use some people who can actually, editiorial comment... ha besides you watch buffy, which puts us on first name terms.

It would be hypocritical for me to be Wiccan in the future and still eat meat." Indeed, for otherwise the dreaded Vunki Butterfly shall descend and vaporize thee with her farkle powers! for the record I dont think hes a pedophile, I just think he thinks hes a little kid. yea joon, hey hows life ;) hehe Erik, yeah well on the edited version u met out on the lesbian sex with a double ended dildo (I kid you not) and alot of the sex stuff. I mean, Robby's a real put- offish bastard but we still love him. but anyway, I can't stand people who wallow in self pity. I won't preach any more before I actually put people off. we used to talk about poetry and art, but now, there's this new girl, and they all want to impress her.

You know, I heard from a professed canabolist that humans taste like chicken. But no its very jumpy thats the whole point of the movie..I've seen the edited version do I dunno. For god sakes this is just an internet club for kids who cares if you offended a few people its not like anyone went and committed suicide because you said their work was crap (as far as I know). Come tomorrow I may start writing poems like 'rage' again. I do get depressed too and I do ge lonely too and I do want to say (and I very often do) 'f- you all! 'Tis true as you say." It's a cool place and they say it gets colder you're bundled up now wait till you get older.

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