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It takes guts for women to write about their weight.

Bears can range from beefy (usually called a “muscle bear”) to thick with a belly (a typical “bear”) to fat (a “chubby bear”).

A younger, smaller bear is oftentimes called a “cub”.

The term “bear” has gone mainstream as of late and its definition has certainly broadened!

Today, a bear is any gay or bi man who is hairy (from a little hair to full-on gorilla) and not skinny.

Some bigger gay men are sensitive about their weight and might bristle at being called a chub, but for most, it’s an easy way to identify their body type and find guys who like it (called “chasers”).

Chubs come in all shapes and sizes, from guys who are just a little thick to husky to fat to morbidly obese men—who are sometimes called superchubs.

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There are men out there who love women of all sizes or especially large women," says Whitely. I would give ten-thousand dollars to fuck that woman.' That's where things got out of hand. Maybe it's just the internet that gives people permission to feel like they can say things like that."Unlike Whitely's husband, the chubby chasers weren't interested in her hiking or her writing or her interests.

She wrote that she "found a partner who really did love me — who even seemed to appreciate my body — and not because he had a fetish.”I asked her what the differences are between chubby chasers and partners who provide true love.

But Whitely puts her number out there without flinching. Kilimanjaro — and she documents how her relationship to her body changed along the journey."Maybe I'm one for extremes, that's for sure," says Whitely.

In her new book Gorge , she does a lot more than take a stand. "When I was at my heaviest and when I was kind of back into that compulsive-eating mode after the birth of my daughter, I really struggled with the things that I really loved to do.

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