Christian dating standard

The good news if you don’t want this to happen or are worried about forgetting is that all you need to do is contact their support and let them know that you do not want reoccurring billing set up on your account.You’ll still be able to use all features of your account for the entire duration of your membership, and if you do decide to renew for a longer term, you can always do that and don’t run a risk of losing your profile or anything like that.As you can probably guess, your free trial is free 🙂 You will have limited options, though, which we will cover in the free trial section below.The second option for a Christian Mingle membership is their premium membership.While we did say that all membership levels are the same, technically Christian Mingle still has two different membership types that you can choose from.

This premium membership is the exact same as the original premium membership (you still are going to get all the features you used to love if you’ve been a Christian Mingle member before).Keep in mind that every Christian Mingle membership does automatically set up to renew.This means that at the end of your term they will bill you again for the same membership you currently have.While they did say this, the signup page only showed the major credit card options so if a major credit card does not work for you, we recommend contacting their very helpful support.They did say that at this time they were not accepting any cash or personal/business checks for membership payment.

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