Chat with mistress

The point is your new Master/ Goddess will tell you how often they want to see you, how often you must serve and what your tasks will be when you are not online with them. Be on time every time, remember your place is to serve and keep her happy, she will find you punish you and humiliate you in public places if you do not adhere to her instructions Do you think you can handle just how vicious our Domina’s truly Are?

We may demand you get a tattoo with our name on it to show your full commitment, we make you sign a slave contract, we will humiliate, blackmail and degrade you at all times, spitting, slapping and whipping you, Using our huge strapons to make you a bitch and stretch that ass.

We own your sorry ass and you do as we say at all times got it?

Now it is time for your powerful domination and to start you will strip and stand in front of your owner for inspection.

To dominate and own you will be so much fun for these Mistresses, being in control of your life, cuffing and bounding and keeping you in bondage and not letting you go, this could be a body bag, straight jacket, cage or ropes.

These are powerful women – These are Women in Authority – These are females you just don’t cross.

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