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It sits clearly in the "professional" space, there is no way for you as a girl to sign as a model -- and the models are sure of high quality!I understand it is actually a very old established company that originated in Las Vegas in 1999, pretty ancient by the standards of most web sites so good but amazing to still see it going.Used to be buy 3 tokens and get 1 free from 5am-9am and 5pm-9pm PST every Tuesday is the deal, but now it's buy 4 get five. For models there is now an incentive program for models who attract new customers to the site -- should like an encouragement to poaching if you ask me but there you go -- it's 20% of the amount a new customer spends after the signup via the models dedicated signup page.If you want even more good deals they are doing a lucky draw for 50 free Peekshows tokens every day and 1000 free tokens every month. Models can also earn 1% just for getting a new user to signup from their chatroom.Once a model is chosen the visitor simply clicks the models image and a new page opens where the model will be on camera to the left with a biography section about the model underneath, to the right of the page you will have an instant messaging function to talk to the model.On the models camera page a visitor can increase the camera viewing size by dragging the middle pane bar to the right.

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But you don't actually have to purchase tokens to offer -- you can send in a postcard instead! You can use their internal email system to send messages from viewers to hosts, provided the viewer has already got a relationship (e.g. Mobile version of Peekshow is available too so you can cam chat any time anywhere you want with your phone.

If you are looking for more free teaser chat, you should check out Peekshows is now offering custom software (Peekshows X) to "improve the user experience"; great idea technically if you can get people to trust you enough to install.

At least with peekshows it is an option rather than the only way which is what old camania did (and failed in the end for them).

Peekshow has many sections under different names -- apparently at least some of these are separate companies running under the peekshows system.

Adult Webcam World for example manages their own model support, provides special deals for hosts to buy the Sinulator and so on.

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