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Police searched the last two places where Fertuck was seen: the farmhouse and the pit. Overnight, the weather turned and a light layer of snow covered the semi and the surface of the gravel pit.

Sorotski called her son Darren to help search the area.

Fertuck lived in Saskatoon, but often stayed at her mother's house just outside of Kenaston when work was especially busy.

But it was more of a recovery situation by then," said Denis Powder, one of the volunteers.

"I was worried about if I accidentally dug her up and cut off her arm ... " Once Fertuck's death was deemed suspicious, the case was transferred from the local RCMP detachment to the Mounties' Major Crimes Unit.

Fertuck guided the heavy vehicle away from the house and down the quiet highway, passing abandoned farmhouses and expansive fields on the way to the nearby gravel pit.

Neighbours driving past on Highway 15 that day saw Fertuck's truck parked down in the pit.

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