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Many companies, especially large market cap companies, already have at least one female director on their boards.

According to a study by Equilar, an executive compensation and corporate governance data firm, “82% of public companies in California [i.e., stock exchange traded and headquartered in California] who have annual revenues of over million will meet the initial criteria, whereas 18% will not.” For those public companies who fall in the 18% camp, however, time will be of the essence under the new law.

According to a California Assembly report, the new law could be vulnerable to legal challenge on equal protection grounds due to the creation of an express gender classification.Although year end 2021 might seem distant from today, planning for ongoing compliance with the new law should begin now so that a properly constituted board of directors is in place at least by the end of the 2021 proxy season and the company is able to maintain compliance over the long term.For companies not compliant with the new law, failure to move quickly toward compliance could become a weakness that activists will seek to exploit., this law is intended to improve diversity on public company boards.Senator Jackson’s view is that “gender diversity on corporate boards is associated with increased profitability, performance, governance, innovation, and opportunity.” The legislative findings and declarations to the new law set forth a variety of statistics indicating the absence of gender diversity on California public company boards.

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