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================================================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Private Sub button Accept_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Handles button Accept.

It is a component rather than a control, so when you put it on your form it will sit in the component tray below.You can have as many error providers on a form as you wish, but I can only see a potential use for two.You could have one with a yellow icon rather than red, for when a field is valid but could be better.In this case, you needn't cycle through every control and call its Select method to force validation. NET Application Architect, Enthusiast, & Evangelist T. Bradley - news: OH**************@TK2MSFTNGP04gbl... |I have a windows form that I want to force validation on controls (text | boxes) when the user clicks a "Save" button.However, if the user doesn't edit in any textbox on the form and click the Save button directly, the textbox's Validating event won't be raised. The only way I've found to do | this is to cycle through every control and call it's . This | is clunky though because you can see a flash in each text box as it's being | validated. Select() | End if | Next c | End Sub | | Each control has code in their Control_Validating event that fires off an | errorprovider.

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