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Therefore, I’m not likely to look past the things some of them do that are adverse to the black community, black women, black children, and themselves.”A Facebook user who goes by the handle “She Loves Sistahs” helped found the Black Lesbian Community group.

The same can be said for meeting a professional lesbian.We know the #struggle of dating and we ended up magically meeting due to My Space – some may call it fate or destiny.Whitney moved to join me in the UK in 2012, and we had our Civil Partnership in 2012 and upgraded to marriage in Palm Springs in 2017, on our anniversary.Additionally, black lesbians deal with the unique challenges of being African-American women in LGBTQ communities, in a society which prefers to commodify identity.This is an era where elected officials like Florida Lt. Jennifer Carroll can make unthinking and hurtful comments about black lesbians.

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