Bible warns against internet dating

There is nothing that I prayed harder and longer for than for a wife. In , Paul, through Timothy, commands single men to treat women “as sisters in all purity.” So before you can be a good husband, learn to be a good brother. You must organize times in your church to encourage your sisters in Christ. You plan ministry trips to the Union Rescue Mission.There was a saying that went around some years ago using the acronym for pray called P. Always escort the single sisters in your church to banquets. In other words, lead while you are learning to be good platonic brothers/friends.God’s will, which is perfect and good, will find you. When you radically live for God instead of the world, your Father in Heaven, who knows your needs, will lead you to His will. And make sure you are spiritually and emotionally mature enough to lead and provide for a sister before you ask if you can pursue her as a wife. Make a Commitment If God didn’t give you the gift of singleness, then know that He wants to give you a wife!Fear brings death to faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God (). She won’t be perfect, but she will be perfect for you. I love the mystery: how out of all the billions of people on earth, one man and one woman fell so in love that they vow to join together in a lifelong monogamous union.With all that marriage offers and is (leading Peter to call it “the grace of life”) why would any godly brother let it pass him by?

—— I am horrified to see that this Tina Konkin works as (or claims to be) (Link): a “relationship expert.” This awful book of hers is also being sold at Wal-Mart.He is the One who commands, “ask for whatever you wish!” By abiding in Jesus’ words, our prayer will be, “Father let Your will be done in my life, not mine.” When we pray in God’s will (and praying for a wife is), then we can be assured that He hears us.At this stage of the relationship, you must walk by the Spirit. I am sure there is more helpful advice one could find (in fact I will write a little more about Internet dating and a woman’s role in pursuing marriage in my next post), but I hope these biblical tips will help.If you do, then you will manifest the fruit of self-control. The bottom line is if you are not a sanctifying influence in her life, and she is not helping you grow in Christ likeness, then believe what you see. May God grant you the grace you need to find a wife. Pastor Pastor Bobby, who pastors Community of Faith Bible Church in the Los Angeles area, cherishes his family: his devoted wife, Naomi, and his six children.

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