Best college dating scene

Would be nice if there were more options than bars, breweries and the like to meet someone.” “Moved here 4 years ago, knowing no one, joined because I was having zero luck out on my own. There are plenty of attractive women here, just not that many that I would consider as a partner.I’ve felt a significant difference in culture and values between folks from the north vs south.Finding a person who is willing to devote time to another person is extremely hard to find.” “Same people.Men are just out to date as many women as possible.Too many polo shirts.” “I think Charlotte has a lot of opportunities and cool spaces to meet people but it seems like there is a general fear of approaching people.In general, Charlotte, let’s grow some balls.” “Bumble has much more beautiful people than Tinder, FYI.” “This may not be a Charlotte issue, more so, a Southern culture issue but everyone is either in a relationship or looking for one.There is a major underground STD problem in Charlotte that needs more awareness.” “People need to be more creative than – “Let’s drink!

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Check out my vlog for advice on how to date the way you want!so I'm starting college next fall and I was wondering what the dating scene is like.I'm not going to a very big school, only about 3000 it like casual dating, just random drunken hookups, or actual relationships? In college, the casualness of relationships only gets more extreme, but that's not for everyone!

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