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We all want to show the world our best side, not a face straight from The Walking Dead, just as no sensible person outside US politics or daytime TV thinks it’s great to look bright orange. Webcams can cost anywhere from £15 to £150 and upwards, though the most expensive models are usually designed for video conferencing in the corporate boardroom rather than the home.These often have wider-angle lenses to cover more participants in a meeting, which doesn’t look so great when it’s just you, on your tod.

Most of these are implemented through the webcam’s software and some can be fun or useful, including tools for motion detection recording – though security and wildlife photography applications are limited here – and stop-motion recording, where you can use your webcam to ape your Aardman Animations favourites.

How else will you do those bizarre close-up facial inserts and reaction videos?

Even if you use a laptop you might still want a better webcam, for the simple reason that many built-in webcams aren’t that good.

While you’ll struggle to find a phone, laptop or tablet without a front-facing camera, there’s still one device that goes without one: the desktop PC.

That’s a shame, because as more of us use Skype and similar services to keep in touch, a Webcam’s starting to feel essential.

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