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How confident can we be, historically speaking, that the text we have today mirrors accurately the ancient text when it was first produced as a book?

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So this will completely, uh, cause him to have to rework his chronologies. They’ll take things that are early and date them late, and take things that are late and date them early and try to turn topsy-turvey the, um, our understanding of, of things.Religious texts about Jesus are valuable sources of information about the people who wrote them, regardless of what those people actually knew about Jesus of Nazareth.This is even true of the New Testament Gospels: They tell us something about the authors who wrote them and what they believed.(2) What do we know about who wrote it and when it was written? (4) How does its account of Jesus fit with what we know from external sources about Jesus and his historical context?The Texts An obvious question to ask about any book purporting to provide information about the past is how this book became available for us to read.

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