Backup before updating to lion

How do you tell if an app you depend upon requires Rosetta? Launch any apps you just can’t live without, then go to your Applications folder, open Utilities and select Activity Monitor.

You’ll see something like this: What you’re looking for is any running application that says “Power PC” under the Kind heading.

Start with Singlemizer, drag your most likely suspect folders (Documents, Photos, Movies, Music) to its main window and start killing your duplicates.

After you’ve cleaned up all your redundant files, now it’s time to ‘sweep’ your disk.

They might have their own update mechanisms, they might have updates available on their websites.

However, the easiest way to see and download updates for all of your Rosetta apps at a time is to run App Fresh, then upgrade it shows an update for.

Any third party apps you want to run on your Mac will need to be compatible with Mountain Lion.

Scroll down to see all of your Power PC apps in one place!

” Step 3 — Put Your Hard Drive On A Diet To upgrade to Lion, you need to have at least 8GB of hard drive space free.

Apple makes it very easy to back up your Mac using Time Machine, so there is no excuse not to create a Time Machine backup before installing mac OS High Sierra.

Follow these steps to back up your Mac using Time Machine. Choose a new hard drive, or one that you don't mind erasing. • A progress bar will appear in the Time Machine system preference pane.

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