Asian phone chat free

Over three months we had developed a very basic messaging app exclusively for smartphones.By October 2011 we had added two new functions: one was the virtual stickers with characters; the other was free calls.The disaster had disrupted lives, businesses and communications, and the free messaging app, which is owned by South Korean internet giant Naver, created a means of reaching loved ones when phone lines were still down.But what truly set Line apart would come a few months later: virtual "stickers" featuring cartoon characters that users could send to each other in lieu of text messages.

Instead we have a situation where a few giant services dominate in their home countries and fight proxy battles elsewhere.We caught up with Idezawa at Line's headquarters in Tokyo.Line's big break came in autumn 2011, a few months after the app was released. It was a mix of our own efforts and favorable market forces.How does Line distinguish itself from rival apps Whats App, Kakao Talk (in South Korea) and We Chat? Instead of making a phone call, delivery companies are sending a message on Line and quickly getting through.We refer to our app as a "smart portal." You can use it to do almost anything on the internet, such as booking a hotel or reserving a flight. Call centers now have operators using Line as an alternative to a toll-free number.

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