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Ensuring that systems created to respond child sex abuse victims are inclusive of the needs of all children is a top priority for the Committee and will shape their work with RALIANCE.

RALIANCE has convened several Think Tanks of representatives from sport, sexual violence, and domestic violence prevention experts and prevention researchers to inform our work on how sport can be part of the solution to ending sexual violence.

“We are pleased to help drive real change, support innovative programs and make significant and lasting headway in combatting sexual violence.

Thank you from all of us and from each person we touch through our programs and partners..

BMSG and RALIANCE collaborated with NSVRC to create and test communications guidelines and message recommendations to support anyone who wants to make the case for prevention.

The mission of the Center on Gender Equity and Health is to improve population, health, and development by improving the status, opportunities, and safety of women and girls, globally.

The Center focuses on conducting innovative global public health research, medical and academic training, and development and evaluation of evidence-based policies and practices related to: is a global initiative dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action, and fueling culture change.

RALIANCE and NO MORE partner on solutions to end all forms of violence and bringing this message to more audiences.

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