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Though the two do seem to come to some kind of mutual agreement, the relationship is still strained.

However, Elizabeth has a good relationship with her father, Charles (although he is hostile towards her mother, having been divorced over ten years prior).

Sam Breedlove, with "I knew you were old but I didn't know you were so short!

" Luckily Breedlove responded in the positive (citing that he's always been short).

She befriends many of the female ER staff, including Carol Hathaway and Dr.

Anna del Amico; and later on Abby Lockhart and Susan Lewis.

We learn in her first episode that she comes from a whole family of surgeons; Corday's grandfather was a surgeon, as is her father and, since there are no boys in her family, she took on that role.

I kind of naively thought it would be even more liberal in America. In fact, I'm trying to think if there's a television show right now [in 2013] where there's an African American and Caucasian relationship. However, the affair ends up haunting her later on when Dr. Romano of sexual harassment after he finds out she was gay and gives her a bad performance review; Elizabeth wants to go on the record to support Maggie's claims, but is forced to back down when Romano reveals he'd known she was dating Peter secretly while he was her supervisor.Despite her arrogant and opinionated exterior, she has a deeply caring side to her - she is there to provide support at critical moments for both staff and patients alike.Despite their long and adversarial history, she supports Robert Romano through the ordeal with the loss of his arm; and similarly she overcomes her deep dislike of Kerry Weaver to be supportive of her following the death of her lover Sandy Lopez, although they never really mend fences and this plays a large part in her exit from County. However, Corday can also be extremely harsh in criticizing her fellow physicians, such as when she berated David Malucci for abandoning his med student with a patient.Corday accompanies Greene to New York City and is present in the operating room for the procedure, by his side all the time.The couple later get married (after a series of glitches with the transport for both parties) and appear to be very happy.

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