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Hopefully Donovan Mc Nabb gets healthy in time to be traded to a contender that will put talent around him.In the meantime, stay moronic Philly fans, far and away the worst fans in sports.The Steelers came into the game averaging 330 yards per game. An elite team, in a statement game, allows their opponent’s offense to outperform their averages, on the road?

Pittsburgh gets beat deep on two long TD passes and struggle in the passing game. (3) Considering Pittsburgh injuries and despite awful play-calling in the second half from the Pittsburgh sideline, the Steelers still racked up 349 yards of offense at 5.2 yards-per-play against the Patriots.Safety Troy Polamalu, the Steelers version of Bob Sanders, was out with a knee injury.WR Santonio Holmes, the Steelers leading receiver, may have played, but it was obvious to anybody with two corneas that he was significantly limited. Patriots versus Cowboys: No CB Anthony Henry, DT Tank Johnson or WR Terry Glenn.Well, on Sunday, Pittsburgh actually rushed for more yardage than the Ravens against that vaunted Patriot defense. Philadelphia Eagles: Compiled 391 yards against their average of 352.9 ( 11%) Baltimore Ravens: Compiled 376 yards against their average of 296.9 ( 27%) Pittsburgh Steelers: Compiled 349 yards against their average of 333.3 ( 5%) Need more? Feeley is headed back to the bench as Donovan Mc Nabb, the franchise QB who put the Eagles and their miserable city back on the NFL map, will start on Sunday against the New York Giants.In the past three games, Patriots opponents have out-rushed them by a combined 402 – 160 despite having a combined record of 18-21 (.462)! The Eagles (5-7) still hold faint playoff hopes despite the abysmal performance of A. Feeley, who threw more interceptions in the past two games than Mc Nabb has thrown all season.

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