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In February, NYSASBO found an average district would see a bump of just per student if it raised its tax levy to the limit.Despite that, no district in the Southern Tier has publicly announced it is considering a merger this year.If an average elementary school's day runs from 9 a.m. and an hour is spent for recess and lunch, then the teacher splits six hours of instructional time between 30 students.That works out to just 12 minutes for each student.The state’s public education system operates at a per-pupil cost among the highest in the nation, a distinction not mirrored in most measures of student outcomes.

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The New York State Education Department has published voluminous guidelines on how school districts may approach reorganization, and notes potential benefits of larger districts, including: Yet school district consolidation remains a rare bird.As they prepare budgets for the next year, school districts are hampered by a historically low tax cap of 0.12 percent.The cap limits the amount of new tax revenue a district can levy without putting it to a public vote.Additionally, a Department of Education study shows that districts spend less money on teacher salaries at schools that serve low-income communities than they do on salaries for teachers at schools in affluent areas because schools in affluent communities recruit teachers with more experience.Approximately 28 percent of students ages eight to twelve reported being bullied, according to data compiled in 2009 by the National Center for Education Statistics.

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