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Determine how your bot will build that connection even when asked random questions that have nothing to do with your product or service.3.

The right response at the right time The attribution of human feelings and beliefs to inanimate things is called anthropomorphism.

Opportunities to leverage a chatbot’s personality Today, your chatbot’s personality is a competitive differentiator.

There are some key interaction points that must be considered when building out a chatbot to infuse personality and to take advantage of improving the experience for your consumer.1.

When considering the appropriate personality for a chatbot, it begins with understanding the chatbot’s primary use.2.

Check your brand guidelines If your company developed guidelines to inform the design and content for your marketing materials and company brand, then your chatbot should align with those guidelines.

Other organizations might not be so formal and just consider common personality traits such as if their bot should be friendly, funny, witty, sarcastic, helpful, polite and more to build out the personality traits of their bot.

Even though Siri and Alexa are chatbots that many people now believe they can’t live without, it was the Smarter Child chatbot that lived on many people's buddy lists in 2000, and that gave humans their first widespread exposure to chatbots.

The thing that Smarter Child, Siri and Alexa have, along with other successful chatbots (computer programs designed to mimic human conversation), is personality.

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