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So I stayed bad at math all the way through highschool. Some how in college after having a wonderful tutor, things started to connect. I'm looking at some of the suggestions but it would be great if adhdnews (this site) had one so we could just click and chat with people who happen to be around. a good friend of mine wanted me to register with friendster so we could blog and chat, etc. But what was odd was that I was very good at spelling and english and learning spanish. i resisted until i read their privacy policy and they say they won't sell, share or otherwise do anything with your email. I'm overswamped with trying to just get a handle on one or two, but am losing it fast. It took a long time for the dr to let me have this. I personally have not done well on anti-dep, which annoyed my Dr. Yes, I have some good in my life but it doesn't out weigh the other situations. You're lucky if you are young and have discovered this now.I recently had a very bad experience with at Physciat sorry for the spelling. If you want to know some of the side effects I have had with is drug, I'll be happy to share with you. You have a better chance at making it through life with you're coworkers and spouse. I have only so much quality time left and I am in a hurry to get where I want to be before it's lights out for me. the only chat room I found was on yahoo for adult add.And when someone would try to show me how to do it, I'd be able to listen for a while and then would shut down and cry. Then I will try to replay with a chat room I create I've just been scanning all the old threads and found this one...

They also have one just for women on Thursday Evenings for to pm I haven't tried that yet though. Laura ADD Consults has an adult chat on Mondays at pm EST and one for women on Thursdays at pm EST I'm to new to this add. The best thing I can say about this is the calming effect that it has had on me. I started looking back in my past searching for answers or just plain trying to find myself, when several years ago while working as a Pharmacy Technician I noticed that I was filling quite a few RXs for older people like myself in the early 40s and 50s.

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I have struggled all my life not know what or why I was different or so I thougth from others. I began to realize that when we were young our learning disabilities didn't have a label on them as now. So what, we can't even find the right Dr that is knowledgeable about it.

I guess we were either slow learners or unrully kids and a parents spanked us alot. We or I am on this because I heard about stratterra through the media. I read from others that they are taking 80 mgs inconjuntion with other anti-depressants. Maybe its the darn struggle that I have gone through in my 50 years here. It's weird sharing ones thought with someone you don't know. I am in still searching and still haven't found the peace I have searching for.

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