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However; this is one feature that makes the Dating Script Mixer software software to love.• Also, you get free video chat elements This is another unique offer that the software company charges people for but not at the beginning.

Also, all video chat features come at a free cost forever for all customers with regular upgrading of dedicated servers.• Also, the software comes with free flash games If you love to play games or want software that has a way to keep members alive at all times?

Im really greatful they will ban fake accounts of ABK-soft who keep trying with fake reviews, fake review sites, spamming, threatening people on DP, to scam people. I almost lost my trust in the moderators here, but after a few reports i see there are at least a few accounts of these scammers banned, im very greatful and only supports me to keep going on with reporting these fakers.

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There are so many people that fell this is too good to be possible.I spent the money to get it and now I’m stuck with it. People have complained that it doesn’t work and I just can’t afford to pay someone to fix it so I’m having to upgrade people manually if they pay a membership.There is tons of text missing and the affiliate part of the program is completely non-functional.A girl by the name of Tammi, an American girl with two kids. I won’t post her last name because she doesn’t deserve that. I hope that the owner of Abledating will understand that having unsatisfied customers is not good.I have their software and it’s not what it is advertised as.

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