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This is the main reason why we often rely on external services that will take a percentage of your earnings, affecting your overall income and public image of your company.It might prove tricky to handle sales, payments and event entries, getting one wrong during the sales phase might generate complex issues such as people with unassigned seats or who bought the tickets but don’t appear in the buyers’ list or people who might have lost their tickets and so on… Imagine having to manage two or three events at the same time without having full control over all of their aspects.Without an adequate level of control, it would be chaos. We are going to solve every single problem related to ticket handling using a Woo Commerce plugin that will make your life a lot easier!Thanks to YITH Woo Commerce Event Tickets you will be able to sell tickets for all sorts of events.You will be charged an admin fee of £10 per ticket.If there are no Advance fares available, you can upgrade the ticket to the most appropriate ticket for the journey you now want to make.You will have to pay any difference in fare and an admin fee of £10 per ticket.

Therefore, the email we send you is intended to explain how visits to our building work, and cannot be considered as a reservation.

We do tours in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish and we have tours starting every 20/30 minutes.

So we advise you to come to our ticket office as soon as you can so that you can choose the time you prefer.

So we had virtually no line ups and we thoroughly enjoyed the short tour of the impressive building.

The insurance premium depends on the price of the ticket. In case it was more expensive, the deductible is 20 %.

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